Golfmanager - #1 software in golf

You need a multi device and 100% on cloud to enjoy the best golf software on the market

100% Cloud Software.

Enjoy the best golf software 100% cloud based. You will be able to fully manage your golf facilities and information anytime, anywhere.

Maximum Speed.

To be the best golf software you need to work at maximum speed. Improve productivity by saving a large number of clicks on each task. Time-saving features that let you focus on your clients.

Advanced Features.

Take your club to the next level! Manage your business with the most advanced tools and features that need your club and that are continuously updated.


Golfmanager is a fully open source golf club management software. It allows you to fully integrate with any other software tool you may want to add on.


Easily manage your schedule, clients and sales real time from any device (pc, laptop, tablet or mobile) without even need to be in the office.

Attractive design.

Golfmanager is as good or even better than it looks. It is easy and intuitive to use. Have fun with it’s modern and attractive design. Check our demo booking engine here.

Golf Courses

Some of our top rated golf courses

Ryder Cup 2022 host

Top Resort in Europe

#1 Online seller in Spain

Top Golf Courses in Spain


New tool: How to pay a debt through email (spanish)

Electronic Tee Sheet

Single or groups bookings, repeat, copy, move, block, stats, notes, filters, icons y colors, multi course or resource.

Accounting Management

Connections to most common accounting softwares

Inventory Management

Stocks, movements, warehouses, barcodes, reports

Events Management

Tournaments, summer camps, dinners, special events, etc.

Gift Card Management

Gift Cars, money & unit vouchers, transfers, rain checks...


Quotes, emailings, stats, vouchers, credit cards & bank accounts, custom fields, profiles, picture.


articles, quotes, vouchers, payments, tickets, invoices, product groups, pictures, multi payments, parked sales.

Payments Processing

Cash, cards, vouchers, direct debit, tickets, invoices.


YOY, pick up, OTB, forecast, budget, tables, KPIs

Lesson Scheduling

Particular & group lessons, teachers app, day & week views, filters, payments

Yield Management

Identify opportunities

Booking Engine

Get your own booking engine, no commissions and own Payment Gateway. single and group bookings, rentals, transfers, activities, credits.

Connect to the world

Open API


We can develop your website. All in the same provider!


Best Golf Software, Best Golf Service

30 days free trial.

We offer you a 30 days free trial so you can browse the software and try all the features of the program.

Data migration.

Your data base will be easily transferred to Golfmanager. In just few hours you will be ready to go!

Team Training.

Golfmanager is an easy and intuitive software. We will train your team so they can be autonomous in few hours.

System configuration.

We configure the software to meet your specific needs. Your will be instantly ready to start operating with no disruptions.


Technical support 24/7. Do not worry about weekend faults . We are here to back up your team in any technical emergency.

Take care of your players.

Attract new clients and grow your business. You will have the possibility to charge no commissions for online bookings to customers of your website.